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This page will explain what is needed in exporting firearms or firearms related accessories from the United States to other countries.

For Canadian imports/exports, please see the Questar Canada page for details on how to export firearms or related merchasdise to Canada.

The license fees and shipping costs will vary greatly depending on what is being exported (how many line items are necessary), the size and the weight of the package(s), etc. Please contact me for details on the license costs and estimated shipping costs for your merchandise.

Export Paperwork Required – Permanent Export of Defense Articles

Below is a list of all the paperwork required for the export of firearms out of the US.  All paperwork must be submitted to me before I can submit an export license request to the US State Department. All shipments from the US must be shipped via a specific freight company (preferred), or the United States Postal Service (Limited). Please make sure that the Postal Service in your area will accept a firearms shipment to your local dealer or transfer agent in your country if applicable. "Traditional" means of shipping (UPS, Fed-Ex, DHL) are not an option, as the listed companies will NOT ship firearms internationally.

Paperwork required:

IIC (International Import Certificate): This is the document that is going to be supplied by your government entity that handles firearms imports, whether it be your local or state police department, or local or federal government office. It will include the specific make and model of the firearm(s) to be imported, along with your personal information, and the entity that is approving the import of the firearm. It should also include the dealer or transfer agent that you are shipping the firearm to.

DSP-83: This is a document from the US. It is an end user statement, claiming that the firearm to be imported is going to be used by you, not to be re-exported. It can be found and filled out at: http://www.pmddtc.state.gov/docs/dsp83.pdf        Once printed, the DSP-83 must be filled out as follows:

  • Section 5: This section is the description line of the articles that are being exported out of the US. It must be very detailed, including all known information on the defense articles that are to be shipped, as well as the price that you are paying, in US dollars, from the US dealer.  If more than one firearm is being shipped, include quantity and data on each firearm.
  • Section 6: This is the foreign consignee certification. This section is to be signed and dated by the dealer or transfer agent in your country. This is the individual or company that is going to take delivery of the firearm once it is shipped, who will transfer the firearm to you, compliant with all “state” and “federal” laws in your country.
  • Section 7: This is the foreign end user certification. This section is to be signed and dated by you, the end user and purchaser of the firearm to be exported. This is certifying that you are indeed the end user, and that you will not re-export or transfer the firearm to anyone outside of your country illegally.

Sections 2,3,and 4 can be filled in by you, but it is not necessary, I can fill out those sections when I receive the paperwork. I will have to sign and date section 9 once I receive the document. Section 8 does not have to be signed unless the firearm is for a government agency.

Purchase Order: A valid purchase order is required. It must be labeled purchase order, but can be typed or presented in a program such as Microsoft Word or another program as such. It must contain all information on the firearm(s) in the “item” line, the individual or company that is supplying the firearm, the dealer or transfer agent that will handle the transfer to you in your country, and my information as the exporter in the US. You can also list the shipping company, but it is not necessary, as I will be submitting that on the export license.  My information as the export company is as follows:

Questar International, LLC

Attn: Sean Orr

Port Huron, MI 48060

For shipping/billing address, please contact me: questar.international@gmail.com

Letter of Intent: This letter is to be drafted by you, outlining the intended use for the firearm(s). It should include a brief summary of the firearm you are importing, along with the specific use for it, such as: “  ………I am purchasing the firearm for target and competition shooting in _________.......... “ This letter does not have to be long, but I have found that it tends to expedite things. The more thorough we are, the better chance we have of getting an expedited response. On this document, just present it as a letterhead style with your information at the top of the page. You may or may not include the dealers, exporters, seller, etc, it does not matter on this document. 

Once all paperwork has been forwarded on to me, I will submit the DSP-5 to the US Department of State electronically. From this point, you should expect between 2-8 weeks for a response. The response time on the licenses completely depends on the load the State Dept. currently has, as well as the current licenses I have pending with them, as they approve the license in the order they were received.

Please feel free to contact me at any time, via e-mail or business phone, with any questions or concerns regarding the transaction. Please be thorough and detailed in all of your responses, as to not receive any unexpected delays when the time comes for submission of the license.